Autoclave Carbon Fiber Machine (also called autoclave carbon fiber, industrial autoclave for carbon fiber) is a large pressure vessel with an integral heating system. Autoclave carbon fiber machine is one of the effective and most applicable equipment for composite production.

Specification of Autoclave Carbon Fiber Machine

Using Diameter: 2000mm

Using Length: 4000mm

Thickness: 14mm

Working Pressure: 90PSI

Working Temperature: 325℉

Material: SA 516 Gr 70

Medium: Compressed Air

Door Operating Way: Automatic Side Opening

Application: Carbon Fiber Panel

Design Code: ASME Standard

Superiority Of The Control System

  1. Simple operation: one-button automatic process control
  2. System control reliability: using high quality, high performance control components
  3. Advanced curing control concept: single equipment and multiple equipment control
  4. Big data collection: realize data collection, storage, printing, comprehensive report
  5. Automatic quality analysis: with fluid mechanics software, can help users to carry out simulation analysis
  6. Multi-language operation interface: Allows to switch interface language at any time
  7. System scalability: easy for users to develop in the future
America Customer Showed Interest In Autoclave Carbon Fiber Machine
America Customer Showed Interest In Autoclave Carbon Fiber Machine

Safety And Reliability

  1. Carbon fiber autoclave machine is provided with a safety valve. Under the normal working pressure of the autoclave carbon fiber, the sealing state is maintained. When the pressure in the tank exceeds the opening pressure of the safety valve, the gas is automatically opened to discharge the gas, and when the pressure drops to a prescribed value, the valve is automatically closed. Keep it working properly to protect the tank.
  2. The pressure of the autoclave is automatically controlled. When the pressure in the tank reaches the set value, the restart regulating valve is automatically closed; When a certain value is exceeded, the exhaust regulating valve automatically opens the exhaust to the set pressure value.
  3. The autoclave is equipped with overpressure and overtemperature sound and light alarm.
  4. Set the safety device, check the pressure of the tank pressure before opening the door to prevent the residual pressure from hurting people.

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