ASME ellipsoidal heads ( also called ASME ellipsoidal head or tank heads ) is kind of dished head used for vessel, like boilers, storage tank, heat exchanger etc.  The ASME ellipsoidal heads is the economical solution for medium pressure tanks due to the reduced metal thickness requirement.

We received an ASME ellipsoidal heads inquiry from Malaysia in April, after many technical confirmations, the customer placed the order. ASME ellipsoidal heads were delivered to Klang Port at the end of October,arrived in middle November. The ASME ellipsoidal heads are used by Shell in the project in Malaysia.

Specifications of ASME Ellipsoidal Heads

Inner diameter: 2000 mm

Thickness: 78+3 mm

Straight flange: 75 mm

Material: SA 516 GR 70 N+SS 316 L ( it is kind of cladding material )

Quantity: 2 pcs

Inner diameter: 3450 mm

Thickness: 137+3 mm

Straight flange: 75 mm

Material: SA 516 GR 70 N+SS 316 L (it is kind of cladding material)

Quantity: 2 pcs

Design code: ASME Standard with U-part stamp and Manufacturer Data Report.

Technical request: NACE MR0 175/ISO15156

ASME Ellipsoidal Heads Delivered To Malaysia
ASME Ellipsoidal Ends Delivered To Malaysia

The Production Process of ASME Ellipsoidal Heads

① Steel Plate Into the Factory

② Material Inspection ( material transplantation, code marking )

③ Lineation and Blanking ( flame cutting )

④ Welding the ASME ellipsoidal head welding method is submerged arc automatic welding, it’s inherent welding quality is stable, welding productivity is high, no arc and smoke are few, making it the main welding method in the production of important steel structures such as pressure vessels, pipe segments, box beams and columns. Welding stick is H 08 Mn 2 M0A,soldering flux is SJ 102.

⑤ Pressing the ASME ellipsoidal head is hot stamping. According to the hot stamping process, the round billet is heated, the temperature is 930℃±10℃, the holding time is 140-170 min; begin to pressing after coming out of heating furnace, the terminal pressure temperature is greater than 840℃, after forming, it is slowly cool to normal temperature.

⑥ Check the dimensions of the ASME ellipsoidal head according to the standard requirements, like convex,concave, ovality, outer perimeter, thickness, etc.

⑦ NDT inspection, there are four types. 100% Rt inspection of the ASME ellipsoidal heads welding joint, check whether there are excessive defects inside the welding joint; 100% MT inspection of the outer surface welding joint of the tank heads, detect if there is a surface defect; PT inspection of the inner cladding material of the ASME ellipsoidal heads, detect if there is a surface defect; 100% UT inspection of the bond quality of the cladding material after forming of ASME ellipsoidal heads, check if the bonding rate meets the requirements.

⑧ Machining the end groove according to the dimensions of drawings.

⑨ Surface treatment,sandblasting of external carbon steel of the ASME ellipsoidal heads,pickling and passivation of internal stainless steel of the ASME ellipsoidal heads.

⑩ Final inspection of the ASME ellipsoidal heads, U-part stamp.

⑪ Packaging and Delivery.

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