Asme torispherical head is usually made of carbon steel, stainless steel, cladding steel, austenitic and non-ferritic metals. Asme torispherical head is composed of a spherical surface, a straight edge of a cylinder with a certain height, and a transition part connecting the above two parts with a radius of curvature smaller than the radius of the spherical surface. Asme torispherical head is a continuous surface. At the junction of the three parts, there is a sudden change in the radius of curvature of the warp. Due to the change in curvature, there is a bending stress. The result of the superposition of the bending stress and the tensile stress makes the stress in this part stand out from other parts. Compared with elliptical heads, the stress distribution is not as uniform as it is, but it is easier to process and therefore not ideal for use in engineering. However, when the elliptical head mold is difficult to process.It can be replaced by asme torispherical head .

Asme torispherical head will be placed order from Pakistan
Asme torispherical head will be placed order from Pakistan

Asme torispherical head is widely used in pipes and pressure vessels because of their better overall performance. 1. When the pipe is at the end and is not ready for extension, it is welded to the pipe with a head and used as an end. 2. It is used on the pressure vessel. There is a head on the left and right, and a straight pipe section in the middle. It is used as a tank for pressure vessels.

Inquiry of asme torispherical head from Pakistan customer details as below,inner diameter 2000mm,material is SA264,customer request base metal SA516 Gr.70,thickness 12mm cladding material SA-240 type 316L thickness 3mm. SA264 is  one cladding steel.It also has the characteristics of two different types of steel, both the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, but also has the advantages of low price and good rigidity of ordinary steel.Pakistan customer will place asme torispherical head order next month,hope we have a good cooperation.

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