Autoclave for composite material, also called composite autoclave,  is one of the our hot sale industrial autoclave products. The autoclave for composite material is mainly used for the pouring of epoxy resin. After the epoxy resin enters the equipment, the stirring, degassing, electronic scale measurement, final mixing degassing, pouring, and solidification are all carried out under vacuum, and no gas is incorporated during the entire pouring process. Therefore, the degassing of the medium in the autoclave for composite material is sufficient, fast, and free of pores, which is beneficial to product performance and appearance quality.

Our Guangdong regular customer buy back 2 sets autoclave for composite material to achieve the volume production. The autoclave for composite material is in production at present and it will be delivered by the end of March.

Specifications of Autoclave for Composite Autoclave

  • Inner dimension of composite autoclave: φ2400×3000mm
  • Maximum working pressure: 0.6 mPa
  • Maximum working temperature: 130℃
  • External surface temperature of composite autoclave: environment temperature +20℃
  • Door operating way: manual cantilever side opening
  • Material: Q345R
  • Manufacturing standard: Chinese standard

Accessories of autoclave for composite material

①6 sets of lighting observation hole device DN200

②12 pcs flanged connection vacuum port DN50

③1 set of manual operating swing mechanism

Autoclave For Composite Material Will Deliver To Guangdong
Autoclave For Composite Material Will Deliver To Guangdong
Autoclave For Composite Material Will Deliver To Guangdong

In the production process of the composite autoclave, the shell and the dished head of the composite autoclave are welded by automatic submerged arc welding, the welding quality is good, the weld joint is beautiful, the welding efficiency is improved, and the manufacturing cycle is greatly shortened.

100% non-destructive testing of the butt joints of the autoclave for composite material ring and the shell, the toothed flange and the spherical head is carried out to ensure the welding quality, and the pass rate of the one-time welding is over 98%.

The door of autoclave for composite material is equipped with a safety interlock device. When the door is opened quickly to reach the predetermined closed position, the pressure can be boosted. When the internal pressure of the composite autoclave is completely released, the quick opening door can be opened, which fully compliance with the requirements of Section 3.2.16 of TSG 21-2016 《Safety Technical Supervision Regulations for Stationary Pressure Vessels》, which is ensured the safety of the entire autoclave for composite material.

Application of Autoclave for Composite Material

The autoclave for composite material is suitable for vacuum degassing, combination and casting production of bisphenol a epoxy resin, purple ring outdoor epoxy resin, polyurethane and other polymer materials. It is widely used in dry transformers and dry current mutual inductance. Epoxy resin casting, dry voltage transformers, dry bushings, high voltage switch insulators, arc suppression coils and other electrical products.

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