Autoclave Curing process(also called carbon fiber autoclave or autoclave carbon machine)is the key factor for the molding of polymer-based carbon fiber, our autoclave curing process equipment are widely applied in aerospace, aviation, defense, electronics, automobiles and other vehicles, boats, sports equipment, etc.

Specifications of Autoclave Curing Process Equipment

Using diameter: 800 mm

Using length: 2200mm

Thickness: 10mm

Working Pressure: 0.4mpa

Working Temperature: 120℃

Material:SA 516 Gr 70

Medium:compressed air

Door operating way:manual control side opening

Application:carbon fiber parts for aeronautic

Design code :  ASME Standard

Mexico Customer Has Visited Pressure Vessel Factory For Autoclave Curing Process
Mexico Customer Has Visited Pressure Vessel Factory For Autoclave Curing Process

Autoclave Curing Process equipment  can realize the time series, temperature and pressure of the process parameters such as temperature, pressure, vacuum, circulation, cooling and real-time online control. Autoclave Curing Process Equipment is mainly composed of the following sub-systems.

①Sealed body of Autoclave Curing Process: a high-pressure, high-temperature body formed by a autoclave door mechanism, a high-temperature fan, an air duct plate heat insulation layer.

②Safety interlocking device of Autoclave Curing Process: it is composed of pressure automatic interlocking, manual interlocking and ultra-high pressure alarm device.

③Quick-opening device of Autoclave Curing Process: manual or automatic quick-open door design, normally open and close the autoclave door during power failure, is the most advanced door opening method.

④Sealing device of Autoclave Curing Process: the autoclave door adopts a silicone gas seal and is resistant to high temperatures of 500°C. It will never wear out.

⑤Pressure system: compressor, gas storage tank, pressure control valve, pipeline, pressure transmitter, pressure gauge, etc. Pressure transmission or control system.

⑥Heating system: stainless steel electric heat pipe, high temperature fan, duct plate, heat insulation plate, temperature control system, heating power to meet the autoclave’s maximum temperature and heating rate requirements.

⑦Temperature circulatory system: It is composed of circulation fan, air guide plate and diversion cover to accelerate heat conduction and circulation to form a uniform temperature field.

⑧Vacuum system: it consists of a vacuum pump, pipeline, vacuum gauge, and vacuum valve to provide vacuum conditions to the packaged carbon fiber preform.

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