Torispherical heads (also called torispherical tank heads or torispherical dish ends)is a kind of dished head, the material is often carbon steel, stainless steel and other alloy steel.

Our Brazil customer is the project manufacturer, she needs torispherical heads to produce vapor recovery system, and she provided the drawing of torispherical heads, our dished head engineer calculated the weight of the torispherical tank heads according to the drawing, we provided two opinions, she was very satisfied with our service, and her boss will visit our factory.

Brazil Customer Make Order of Torispherical Heads
Brazil Customer Make Order of Torispherical Heads

Specifications of Torispherical Heads

Inner diameter: 1500 mm

Thickness After Forming: 6.11mm

Straight Flange: 50mm

Material: ASTM A-36 or ASTM A 516 GR 70

Quantity: 4pcs

Design Code: ASME Standard

Surface Treatment: Sand blasting

Processing: Spinning

Preparation of Spinning of Torispherical Heads

①Check whether the blank material, marking and blank specifications are consistent with the process flow inspection card.

②The blank weld and the edge must be rigorously ground and flush with the base metal.

③According to the technical procedure, the mold should be correctly selected, and the flanger should be adjusted. The pressure wheel trajectory curve is consistent with the corresponding forming wheel.

④Test the machine for a few minutes before spinning, confirm that the mechanical, cold-pressing system and electrical system are in good condition, in order to prepare for spinning.

Drum Pressing

①The pressure of the drum should be as small as possible for a given thickness of material to avoid thickness reduction and cracking of the blank. It is recommended that the drum force be controlled at 5-15mpa and the maximum should not exceed 20mpa.

②The pressure drum should be deep, not shallow, and should be avoided too deep. In addition, pay attention to the smoothness of the surface, and finally use the sample to strictly accept the sample.


①Control the arcing point and the amount of flanging.

②Flip back and flex according to proficiency.

③Cracks occur at the edge of the dished head during the burring process, and should be stopped for repair. If the edging of the head is continued, the wrong side will be generated.

④Strictly measure the outer circumference and control the range of positive and negative deviations.

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