Horizontal autoclave machine (also called industrial autoclave or autoclave industrial) is a large-volume, heavy-weight, quick-opening pressure vessel. The horizontal autoclave machine consists of a reaction vessel, a stirrer and a conventional system, a cooling system, a safety device, a heating furnace and the like. According to the process requirements, there are two types of autoclaves with and without agitator. The former structure is the same as the mixing equipment.

A British customer visited our Horizontal autoclave machine factory in September 2018. He visited the production environment of our factory and the working process of horizontal autoclave machine. He is very satisfied with our equipment and services. After that, he discussed some details with us and decided to sign a contract with us of horizontal autoclave machine.

British Customer Visited Our Horizontal Autoclave Machine
British Customer Visited Our Horizontal Autoclave Machine

Specifications of Horizontal Autoclave Machine

  1. The kettle body and the kettle lid are made of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel. The kettle body is connected with the flange through the thread. The kettle lid is a positive flat plate cover. The two are tightly connected by the circumferentially evenly distributed main bolts and nuts.
  2. The main sealing port of the horizontal autoclavemachineadopts A-type double-line sealing, and the other sealing points adopt the sealing form of the arc surface and the line contact of the plane, the arc surface and the circular arc surface, relying on the high precision and smoothness of the contact surface,which is good sealing effect.
  3. The outside of the horizontal autoclavemachineis equipped with a barrel-type silicon carbide core, and the electric furnace wire is inserted into the furnace core, and the end of the furnace is threaded through the lower part of the furnace shell, and the rubber sleeve cable is connected to the controller through the connection stud.
  4. The lid of the horizontal autoclavemachineis equipped with a pressure gauge, a rupture membrane safety device, a vapor-liquid phase valve, a temperature sensor, etc., so that it is easy to know the reaction situation in the kettle at any time, adjust the proportion of the medium in the kettle, and ensure safe operation.
  5. The coupling is mainly composed of a pair of inner and outer magnetic rings with strong magnetic force, and there is a pressure-bearing spacer in the middle. The agitator is driven by a servo motor through a coupling. By controlling the speed of the servo motor, the purpose of controlling the stirring speed can be achieved.
  6. The upper part of the spacer is equipped with a speed measuring coil. When the integrated agitator and the inner magnetic ring rotate, the speed measuring coil generates an induced electromotive force. The potential corresponds to thestirring speed, and the potential is transmitted to the tachometer to display the stirring. Rotating speed.
  7. A cooling water jacket is installed between the magnetic coupling and the kettle lid. When the operating temperature is high, the cooling water should be passed, and the temperature of the magnetic steel is too high to demagnetize.
  8. The bearing adopts 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel bearing or high-strength electrochemical graphite, which is resistant to wear and has a long maintenance period.

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