Pressure vessel ends are  major  component of  pressure vessel.The main role  is sealing. Pressure vessel ends are to make up and down the bottom of the pressure vessel.Pressure vessel ends mainly used for both ends of  pressure vessel.

In March, we got pressure vessel ends inquiry from Pakistan.

Diameter 2000 mm,material is SA 264(base metal SA-516/SA-516 M Gr.70 thickness 12 mm & cladding SA-240/SA-240 M TYPE 316 L thickness 3 mm) Material of pressure vessel ends is required as per Certificate EN 10204 type 3.2.

Certificate EN 10204 type 3.2 is a valid certificate for customers to prove that their products comply with the European material specification. Generally for large export equipment, pressure equipment and other products, their raw material suppliers are required to provide EN 10204 type 3.2 certificate to prove the raw materials used on the equipment. Is in line with European norms. EN 10204-3.2 certificate applies to any metal material, such as steel, welded parts and other products.

The issuing agency of EN10204 type 3.2 must be an EU authorized agency. After conducting related tests on the types of products purchased by the buyer of the factory, the results of the inspection of the buyer’s reputation with the factory as a third party are in compliance with the order.

The certificate must also reflect the name of the customer and the name of the production plant.

Pakistan customer placed pressure vessel ends order
Pakistan customer placed pressure vessel ends order

EN10204 type 3.2 is manufacturer-independent inspection representative and a document issued by a buyer-authorized inspection representative or inspection staff appointed by the official regulations, which states the consistency of the product with the contractual requirements and includes the results of the test. Joining the manufacturer to perform the traceability steps and provide corresponding inspection documents that meet the requirements, and to confirm that the manufacturer submits the test results obtained on the original product or the products it receives.

We found the third party inspection which can issue  Certificate EN10204 type 3.2 of the material of pressure vessel ends and gave customer quotation of pressure vessel ends .Now the customer have placed pressure vessel ends  order to us.

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