Double wall fuel storage tanks (also called double wall oil tank, double wall diesel tank), the full name is steel reinforced glass fiber double tank,  is a double-layer structure oil tank which is made of a glass fiber reinforced plastic (namely FRP) anti-seepage jacket.

on January, 2019, a customer from Qatar sent us an inquiry of double wall fuel storage tanks. Our engineer gave a design plan and quotation accordingly, the customer was very satisfied and would send us the order soon. 

Specifications of Double Wall Fuel Storage Tanks  

Volume: 10000ltr

Diameter: 1800mm

Length: 4300mm

Thickness: 6mm

Medium: diesel

Material: Q235B

Design code: GB

Quantity: 5 sets

Structure of Double Wall Fuel Storage Tanks

  1. The inner tank shell of the double wall oil tank is made of carbon steel, and the outer tank shell is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic; the outer tank should completely contain the inner tank, and the outer tank shell and the inner tank shell should form a continuous through.
  2. The double wall fuel oil tank should be provided with not less than two steel lifting lugs. The lifting capacity of the lifting lug should not be less than twice the weight of the tank.
Qatar Customer Showed Interested in Double Wall Fuel Storage Tanks
Qatar Customer Showed Interested in Double Wall Fuel Storage Tanks

Features of Double Wall Fuel Storage Tanks


Good compression, shock resistance and strong corrosion resistance. The unique technology is used between the inner and outer layers to achieve a completely vacuum gap, and the existence of hidden dangers is eliminated from the root cause. The leak detector is monitored 24 hours a day to prevent potential safety hazards.

2. Environmental Protection

Double-layer structure with vacuum gap inside, outer layer of tempered glass fiber or steel plate to ensure that the leakage will not directly leak contaminated soil and water source.

The leak detector can monitor the whole process in 24 hours to prevent potential pollution hazards.

Leak detection system for easy detection and maintenance, protecting the ecological environment of soil and water.

The effective protection of the environment eliminates the high environmental and economic costs in the later period.

3. Economic Utility

The service life of double wall oil tanks is 5-10 times that of ordinary tanks, at least for 30 years.

Easy installation, greatly shortening the construction period and reducing the cost.

Compared with the common oil tank, it has a great improvement, ensuring the high efficiency of the equipment, and the product cost-effective.

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