Stainless tank heads, also called tank heads, are the end caps on a cylindrical shaped atmospheric vessel and pressure vessel which are made with stainless steel. The stainless tank heads are widely used in atmospheric vessel or pressure vessels such as storage tanks, heat ex changers, towers, reactors, boilers and separations equipment. etc.

Our Russia customer came and visited our stainless tank heads factory on 27th June, 2018. Our Russia customer is a developer and manufacturer of equipment for the food industry in Russia and CIS countries for more than 12 years. The plant of capacitance equipment produces capacitance products for the food, chemical and oil and gas and oil refining industries. Both black and stainless steel are used as the material.

Russia Customer Visited Our Stainless Tank Heads Factory
Russia Customer Visited Our Stainless Tank Heads Factory

Russia customer fabricates pressure vessel for storage, transportation and sale of food liquids – kvass, mead, beer, milk, lemonade, compote, jelly, water, oil; for equipping restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens; for bottling and selling beverages in sales areas in supermarkets, mini markets, convenience stores; for equipping medical institutions; for the automotive and petrochemical industries.

Russia customer wanted to  buy the stainless tank heads using  in the top of beer tank. The stainless tank heads plays a part for seal. The stainless tank heads is an important part  in beer tank.Russia customer satisfied with our stainless tank heads factory. Russia customer wanted us to send two stainless tank heads samples to them. One of  materials for stainless tank heads is Chinese stainless steel 304 and the other material of the  stainless tank heads is European steel stainless steel AISI 304. The diameter of the two stainless tank heads is 1000 mm, thickness is 3 mm. After receiving the two samples, Russia customer will check, if quality is good, they will place order and build business cooperation with us.Hope we can build good business relationship between us in the future.

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