Small autoclave machine is also an industrial autoclave or composite autoclave. It is an autoclave with a diameter of less than 1000 mm. It is a structure with a large plastic pressure for the container and a nasal plastic hot pressed bacteria. One of the main advantages of small autoclave machine is that it is suitable for the production of a wide range of materials, as long as the curing cycle, pressure and temperature are within the limits of the autoclave.

On March 20, 2018, a customer in Myanmar sent us an inquiry of small autoclave machne. He wanted to buy three small autoclaves machine for the laboratory. According to their needs and other process requirements, the engineers gave a small hot press as soon as possible. The plan and quotation of the tank equipment. The customer expressed satisfaction and told us that we will continue to cooperate with us in the later period.

According to customer requirements, we designed a small autoclave machine as the following specifications:

Specifications of Small Autoclave Machine

With an effective diameter of 400mm and an effective length of 600mm, this size saves laboratory space and saves costs;

The maximum working pressure is 0.9Mpa, the maximum working temperature is 200°C, the heating method is electric heating, and the opening method is manual opening;

Due to the small diameter, we use external insulation, and by using external insulation, we can make full use of the internal space of the small autoclave machine;

The vacuum system is equipped with 2 vacuums;

The cooling system is equipped with a water-cooled motor, a cooling water tank, and a natural cooling method to cool down;

Small Autoclave Machine was Exported to Myanmar
Small Autoclave Machine was Exported to Myanmar

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