Testing Equipment is our important component to ensure the product quality, STRENGTH Equipments have equipped such high precision , physical-chemical and non destructive testing equipment as spectrograph testing center, impact specimen notch hydraulic broaching machine, high temperature universal testing machine, universal testing machine, H900 Oxygen hydrogen analyzer, carbon sulfur analyzer, chemical testing center, fall hammer impact testing machine, High temperature creep endurance test machine, impact testing machine, metallographic testing machine, etc al. These testing and analyzing machines are used for the physical and chemical analysis and testing of our products like industrial autoclave, storage tank, dished head and other pressure vessels.

Testing Equipment

H900 Oxygen hydrogen analyzer for industrial autoclave

H900 Oxygen hydrogen analyzer

universal testing machine for gas storage tank

universal testing machine

fall hammer impact testing machine for asme tank heads

fall hammer impact testing machine

metallographic laboratory

H900 Oxygen hydrogen analyzer

spectrograph testing center of composite autoclave

spectrograph testing center

chemical testing equipment of industrial autoclave

chemical testing equipment

Universal testing equipment at high temperature of AAC autoclave

chemical testing equpment

High temperature creep endurance test machine for vessel head

creep endurance test machine