Tank head (also called elliptical head or elliptical dish end) is usually made with carbon steel, stainless steel, Austin and non ferric metals that can be cold processed. The shape of the tank head is more economical, because the height of the tank head is just a fraction of the diameter. The radius of tank head varies between the major and minor axis usually with the ratio is 2:1. It is the economical solution for medium pressure tanks due to the reduced metal thickness requirement.

Tank Head Will be Delivered to Xinjiang Province Next Week
Tank Head Will be Delivered to Xinjiang Province Next Week

Our old customer from Xinjiang province ordered six large tank head in early March. Two tank heads with the diameter of 7.4 meters, four tank heads with the diameter of 6 meters. We manufactured the tank head with material of Q345R carbon steel plate.The Q345R carbon steel plate thickness is 30mm. Due to its larger diameter, at first we used a few pieces of Q345R carbon steel plates to weld into large steel plates. After welding, we did ray inspection for these large steel plates. After  the ray inspection passed. the followed by the material cutting and the forming process. Forming process was divided into hot pressing  and cold pressing. Due to the large diameter, it was impossible to do hot pressing. We took cold pressing process.

Cold pressing was mainly performed with a spinning machine. After spinning, it was tested. After passing the test, the customer asked us to spray paint.The customer requested that the surface and interior of  tank heads should  be painted with gray co lour. It looks very nice. Due to the larger diameter, we cuted the 6 tank heads into 12 pieces for easy transport. Delivery date is 30 days. We finished the order on time.These tank heads can be delivered next week.

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