Torispherical dish, also called torispherical head and torispherical dish end, is widely applied for storage tanks to storage liquids and gases. This kind of torispherical dish is usually composed of a spherical surface, a straight edge of a cylinder with a certain height and a transition part connecting the above two parts with a radius of curvature smaller than the radius of the spherical surface.

Our India customer is the heat exchanger and storage tank manufacturer, he needed torispherical head to produce pressure vessels. Due to large size, it will be welded. Only one weld joint of torispherical dish is permitted as customer request. After multiple communications, our dished head engineer suggested two welding joints and designed drawing of torispherical dish.

India Customer Showed Great Interest In Torispherical Dish
India Customer Showed Great Interest In Torispherical Dish

Specifications of Torispherical Dish

Outer Diameter: 4300mm

Thickness: 12mm (Minimum Thickness: 10mm)

Material: SA 240 TP 316L (stainless steel)

Quantity: 16pcs

Manufacturing Standard: ASME(need U Stamp)

Testing: RT

The torispherical dish diameter is over 2000mm which will be welded and mold pressing. Every finished dish head should be passed shape inspection and non destructively tested to ensure high quality manufacturing process.

Non-destructive testing scope includes welding surface defect inspection, welding surface cracks inspection , incomplete penetration and welding leakage welding quality assurance.

RT(Radiographic Inspection) is the most basic and most widely used non-destructive inspection method. It uses X-rays or gamma rays to penetrate the test piece and uses the film as a recording device.

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