Wood impregnating tank is a kind of wood processing equipment which is mainly impregnated with wood impregnating liquid, so that the processed wood has many features in anti-corrosion, flame retardant, anti-mite, fireproof, insect-proof, modification, dyeing, canonization, degreasing and so on.

Wood Impregnating Tank Working Process

  • Preparation of impregnation liquid. Preparation of impregnation liquid, and then injected into the impregnation liquid storage tank. density of the impregnation liquid can be adjusted  as needed.
  • Feeding. First, the wood needs to be processed into the trolley, and then the trolley enters the wood impregnating tank through the track, then closing the wood impregnating tank door.
  • Vacuum operation. After the wood impregnating tank door closes, open the vacuum valve, close all other valves. Start the vacuum operation, and keep the vacuum.
  • Impregnation liquid inlet. After vacuum operation, the impregnation liquid enter the wood impregnating tank by using a negative pressure.
  • Pressurization. Pressurize according to different materials and standards. Allow the impregnation liquid to fully impregnate the wood. Choose different pressurization time, depending on the type of wood,
  • Drainage. The impregnation liquid is discharged, and the impregnation liquid enters the impregnation liquid storage tank.
  • Vacuum.The remaining impregnation liquid on the wood is discharged.
  • Discharge. First release the pressure before discharging, then open the wood impregnating tank door to discharge.
Wood Impregnating Tank Will Export to France
Wood Impregnating Tank Will Export to France

France customers wanted to buy one set wood impregnating tank. The diameter is 1.2 meters, effective length is 12 meters, working pressure is 18 bars, working temperature is normal temperature. The wood impregnating tank is made with carbon steel SA516Gr70. This set of wood impregnating tank includes wood impregnation tank, valves and instruments, PLC control cabinet, rails, trolley, storage tank, vacuum system and air compressor. France customers were satisfied with our quotation and quality, they placed one order to us. The wood  impregnating tank will be finished production and delivered next moth.

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